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The Pushkin Society Artists Guild is a collaboration of emerging and established artists in Visual Art. The Artists Guild was founded in 2016 as a branch of The Pushkin Society in America, one of the oldest Russian societies in the USA.


The Pushkin Society in America was founded in 1935 by the first immigrants from Russia who immigrated after the Soviet Revolution of 1917. The Pushkin Committee was established to organize celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the passing of Alexander Pushkin. Having fulfilled its task, in 1937 it was decided to rename the Committee to the Society and continue its activities. Boris Brosol - а Russian attorney, writer, literary critic founded and headed the Society until 1962. 


Over the years, The Society welcomed outstanding people who organized lectures, concerts and provided financial support. Among  society members were Sergey Rachmaninoff who played music at meetings and events; Igor Sikorsky, a Russian-American aviation pioneer; Andrey  Avinov, an American entomologist of Russian descent, botanist, painter, art critic, traveler, collector, and the director of the Carnegie Institute; Sergey Kusevitsky, a Russian-born conductor and composer; artists Gleb Deryuzhinsky and Sergei Sudeikin; dancer Semyon Karavaev and opera singer Nikolai Gedda; Pitirim Sorokin, a Russian-born American sociologist and political activist, best known for his contributions to the social cycle theory; an American poet Edwin Markham;  Alberta Gallatin-Child, a founder and a chairman of the Society of Edgar Poe; Thomas Marc Parrot, a professor at Princeton University and a Shakespearian; George Grebenshchikov, a writer and a professor of Russian literature; Mikhail  Karpovich, a Russian-American historian; Mikhail  Rostovtsev, an historian of ancient Rome, and many other honorable members. 

Please visit The Society official website to read more about history www.americanpushkinsociety.com.



The mission of The PS Artists Guild is to promote artists' work, build a strong bond between the public and preserve cultural background in immigration. Our goal is to pass on the spiritual traditions to the next generation and study the archival heritage of the Pushkin Society in America.



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